1st Hadith Competition

THE FINAL DAY IS HERE! Please tune in at 5:30pm EST on Sunday, December 20, 2020, by clicking on below link:

Registration ended November 22; watch the final event live at 5:30pm EST on December 20, 2020. See link above.

Marium Qur’an Academy is excited to announce their first national hadith competition which will allow participants from all over the United States to participate. Due to popular demand from Canada, we have extended the reach to our neighbors in Canada as well

The hadith competition will be fully virtual, mainly due to the ongoing global pandemic.

Every participant will have to be registered by their parent or guardian by visiting the link below to our Eventbrite page. Registration includes a flat fee of $10 (US) per contestant.

Registration starts Saturday, October 31, 2020

Registration ends November 22, 2020

Every participant’s performance will be prerecorded online using the media tool ZOOM, ahead of the competition.

Participants will be placed in categories determined by age. There will be FOUR age groups: (UPDATED: was originally four groups)

LEVEL 1: Ages 3-4

LEVEL 2: Ages 5-7

LEVEL 3: Ages 8-12

LEVEL 4: Ages 13-18

Every category of participants will be provided a specially selected group of 10 authentic ahadith along with detailed instructions as to what is expected from them during their performance. Each contestant will prepare 2 (TWO) ahadith from the provided 10.

Contestants will be contacted by Marium Qur’an Academy online in the last two weeks prior to the final competition day and their performances will be recorded.

Recordings will be submitted to a panel of 5 judges for review
and grading.

The final day of competition is planned for
December 20, 2020.

On competition day, we are preparing a special program streamed LIVE over YouTube. You will be able to watch the top 3 contestants from each of the categories listed above. The winners and two runner ups will be announced.

And Finally, here is a link for you to Register:

Mariam Quran Academy

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